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What is The txtBook?
The txtBook by Paper Monday is our approach to in-depth creative research—utilizing visual art, music, audio documentation, and written content to produce detailed stories (txtBooks) that are equal parts inspiring and beautiful.
Building on the visual stories they’ve told throughout the years, Rog and Bee Walker, photographic partners and founders of Paper Monday, have begun The txtBook— a research project aimed at producing in-depth collections of audio stories and archival media.

The txtBook is a multilayered project consisting of visual art, music, audio stories, and written content.

The audio stories are a unique approach to auditory documentation, featuring narrated stories, original compositions, archival interviews, and vocal performances. The aim is to produce an extensive library featuring stories in collaboration with artists, engineers, and makers around the globe.

txtBook 01: Halfway North
Based on true events, the first txtBook, Halfway North, tells the story of Oliver James Bailey, a Jamaican-born photographer, as he seeks to find fulfillment outside of his family’s traditional path. Halfway North is Rog Walker’s life story, but beyond that, it touches on the expectations and pressures of young Black men in alternative spaces.

What happens when you go against the grain? What is the community response? What support systems are necessary to succeed?

Halfway North is a 35 minute narrated story set to an original musical arrangement and including 15 additional character performances throughout the story.

Additional Works
With the completion of Halfway North, we have begun work on two additional long-form stories. The first is also an audio story, consisting of an anticipated 60-90 minutes of storytelling content. The content centers around the effects of romantic relationships on personal identity.

The second story is an audio research piece exploring the lives of women and their relationship to beauty, career, motherhood, and expectation. We currently have many hours of interview content from formal conversations with friends and colleagues at our NYC studio. Excerpts from the interviews will be woven into narrated chapters around each theme.

Will txtBooks be printed?
Yes, we will be publishing a small collection of each txtBook in print for our personal archive. The audio stories will also be physically archived.
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